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Can I Make a Perfect Journey with Transtar Bus?



One of the famous companies in Malaysia is Transtar. It deals the tourism buses called Transtar buses. This is one of the famous tourist buses comes with good facilities. This bus travels only to the particular tourism places in Malaysia.

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The main objective of this service is to provide good service to their fans. Here, we are going discuss the features of this Transtar bus.

Features of Transtar buses:

It comes with different types of coaches and with best air conditioning system. Totally, this coach travel contains 37 seats and then the seats are very spacious. This bus is comfortable for all types of passengers, even the handicap also able to travel in this bus safely.

This bus uses the latest air condition technology and then electronic cleaners. This technology helps to get fresh air,which takes from the outer environment, so it improves the air circulation inside the bus. It contains the three axle configuration. This configuration provides stability so you can get smooth travel.

Seat adjustments:

The adjustable air pressure is provided based of the passenger’s counting’s. The adjustment of this seat is fully made up of electronic systems, and there are four types of adjustment they are front, back, lower and then upper adjustments.

Massaging seats:

The massaging seats help to relive from stress, and it makes your journey happier. Every seat comes with the attachments of 7.2 inch LCD TV, so you can enjoy more channels with high- quality video. You can choose whatever language you like. This is one of the added advantages of this LCD TV.

You can access this LCD TV with your earphone, so you can avoid the heavy traffics and then unwanted sounds. It comes with safety seat belts. This seat belt protects you from dangerous conditions.

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Author:Ruth Stitt