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3 Unfamiliar Properties of Carrageenan


Generally, carrageenan is a compound which is used to gel the dairy products. You all know that it originates fromthe family of linear sulfated polysaccharides. It is resulting from the natural source of red seaweed. This is not only used for dairy products but also it is used to stabilize the moisture content in the meat products. Follow the below article carefully, you can know about properties of carrageenan.

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Common properties of carrageenan:

Here we discuss some of the common properties of the carrageenan contains are as follows in the below article.

Normally, carrageenan is a large and also flexible molecule that can be able to form the helical structure. With the help of these helical structures, this carrageenan forms the different variety of gels. Most of the industries are used this carrageenan to thicken and emulsify the agents. Commonly, this carrageenan is broadly classified into 3 main types they are kappa, lota, and lambda.


Kappa can able to form the strong and rigid gels with the help of potassium ions. You can make whatever dairy product like chocolate and desserts using this kappa. The people those who want to prepare the strong jelly foods can use this agent.


You cannot make any gel products with the help of this lambda because it is mainly used to thicken the dairy products within a short period of time.


When compared to kappa, it can be able to form the soft and sweet gels why because it contains the calcium ions. Calcium ions are the only agent helps to form the soft gels easily. It is created from the Eucheuma denticulated.

These 3 classes are the main reason to form the gels in the dairy products. They are soluble both in hot and also cold water. The most important thing is it will not affect your health.

Author:Ruth Stitt